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Vacation and What’s to Come

For the first time in almost a year, I am officially on vacation. It’s only for a week, but with the way my brain has been turning to mush recently, it’s still much appreciated. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been experiencing burnout, as I’ve gone through that before and that’s not how I’ve been feeling.…

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Nighty Night (Short Story)

For the past five years, it’s just been Ian and me. My wife’s pregnancy with him wasn’t easy.  There were a number of scares and close calls due to health issues that she had experienced all her life.  Every doctor she had ever been to had told her that she would never be able to…

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Prayer (Short Story)

Dear God, Please forgive this poor sinner for how long it has been since I have last prayed to you.  I swear that it wasn’t because of a lack of faith or loss of wanting to be wrapped in your grace.  Earthly matters have taken up my attention over the past few weeks, and while…

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