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The Writer (Short Story)

My right hand shakes slightly as I take the bottle of aspirin out of the medicine cabinet.  I stare at it for a long moment as the tremor causes the pills to clink against one another inside of the plastic casing.  This is the worst that it’s been so far, and I have no doubt…

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Polar Night (Short Story)

Dear James, I’m sure that this letter comes as something of a surprise.  We haven’t spoken in, what, three years?  Maybe four?  It’s been quite a while, and we didn’t exactly part on the best terms. That’s a gross understatement, obviously.  We both made fools out of ourselves that day.  Our shouting match just went…

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The Devil’s Tone (Short Story)

March 17, 2021 MEMORANDUM FOR SENIOR PENTAGON LEADERSHIP, DEFENSE AGENCY AND DOD HEAD OF FIELD ACTIVITIES Subject: Project Fourier Field Tests, Williams, Arizona This memorandum serves as documentation of field tests of Project Fourier that have taken place over the past twenty-eight days in Williams, Arizona. Project Fourier was created to test the effects of…

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