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I’m Lonely (Short Story)

For what seemed like hours, Harper Tully stared out the narrow rectangular window as she chewed on her bottom lip. The focus of her attention was a small brown box sitting on the stoop a few feet away from her apartment’s front door.  It was an awkward angle, but she could just make out the…

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Lunch Date (Short Story)

I can’t be the only one that feels like this is a very weird time. I’m sure that there’s a better term to go with than ‘weird’, but if there is, it’s not coming to me.  We’ve been locked down for over a year thanks to coronavirus.  We’ve worn masks whenever we’ve stepped more than…

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The Commitment of Charles Mayweather (Short Story)

As was usually the case during the winter, the rooms and hallways were absolutely freezing.  Kathy Turner retrieved a sweater from the small closet in her office and quickly put it on.  Making sure that her hair was still at least somewhat pulled back, she put on her lab coat and stuck her hands into…

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