Awkward First Posts

I never know what to write when it comes to first blog posts. I’ve tried it multiple times in the past, and I always seem to end up with these rambling masses of text that only kinda sorta resemble a coherent thought. Is the first post on a new blog supposed to be introductory? Are you supposed to ignore the fact that it’s the first one and just write as if you’re a seasoned pro that’s been doing this for years?

It’s a mystery wrapped in an quandary rolled up in an enigma. Blog posts, how do they work?

I do have one bit of news worth sharing. My first submission to Creepypasta, The Rotten Man, has been up on the site for a few days and seems to have gained some traction. The reviews are good and the comments are nice, which is always something of a crapshoot when submitting to a new site.

I’ll also be submitting a second short story this week titled A House. We’ll have to wait and see how that one does, but I have high hopes for it. It’s autobiographical in the most vague and noncommittal of ways, as my wife and I recently purchased a new house and there’s some small connection there. Luckily the one that we’ve moved into doesn’t require the “old priest and a young priest” kind of fixing up that the one in A House does.

Be well and be good.

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