The Most Serious of Distractions

I’m currently working on my next short story, one that is a bit personal for me as it includes some aspects of a real life situation that happened to me when I was a child. One minute I’m working my way through the narrative, and the next I find myself distracted by an unlikely source. This isn’t a minor distraction, either. This is one that has shaken my world to its absolute core, and it’s sent my mind into a frenzy with thousands of questions pouring forth from it.

Disneyland now has a $100 panini?

So, okay, yeah, Disneyland has always been expensive. It seems like it and the other Disney parks were made for the express purpose of taking your wallet out back and shooting it Old Yeller-style. The Mouse that Runs the House needs that sweet sweet bank.

It’s fitting that this sandwich is available in the new Pym Test Kitchen, because it’s certainly going to shrink your bank account.

I get that it’s a sandwich for more than one person. Disney suggests that it’s fit for eight hungry folks, although the size of my stomach is enough to suggest right back that that is incorrect. It’s still a panini that costs $100.

“But Tim,” you say, “you can also get individual slices for $14.99. You don’t have to spend $100 on it.”

That’s still fifteen bucks for a panini. Judging from the picture, there isn’t even very much to it.

I’ll save my money to purchase extremely overpriced ice with flavoring and turkey legs with eighteen pounds of salt per square inch, thank you.

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