Looking to Collaborate

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve written and rewritten this post a half dozen times.  Each time I’ve done so I’ve resolved to make it more concise and to not just continue to ramble on and on.  Each time so far I’ve failed.  So here we go, one last time.

So, yeah, I’m looking for a partner in crime.

I’m looking for someone that is interested in collaborating.  Specifically, I’m looking for someone to collaborate with that does horror story readings on YouTube and/or on a podcast.  I’ve had a number of my stories used for this format in the past, and I love hearing how people interpret my material in this much different space.  It’s something that very much interests me, but it’s also something that I would absolutely suck at.  My reading voice is what I imagine it would sound like if Kermit the Frog had a tuba jammed down his throat and had to try to talk around it.

Beyond that, I know how difficult it can be to produce something of high quality in that kind of environment.  The types of content creators that work in that type of media put a lot of time and effort into their final products, and I have nothing but respect for that.  I just don’t see how I could possibly take the time to write the stories, create the video or podcast, and still have time for life’s responsibilities.

Plus, ya know, Kermit Tuba Voice.

If a collaboration interests you, please take the time to read through some of the stories on this site to get a feel for my style of writing.  If you’re feeling particularly masochistic, you could throw caution to the wind and read through them all.  Once you’ve had all that you can stomach, and if you still think that my writing would be a good match with your own project, let me know.  We can shoot some emails back and forth or something to see if it’s a nice fit.  There’s a link to message me somewhere around here.  I’d point out exactly where, but I’m not writing this on the website itself and clicking on a browser a few times to figure it out is hard.

I’m not lazy.  Your mom’s lazy.  …Is that actually an insult?  Whatever.  I’m going to say it’s an insult.  A vicious one.  Bam.  You got insulted.

For my part, I’m happy to work with the right person towards a solution that works best for both of us.  Exclusive stories, formatting stories a particular way, working to match up schedules, that sort of thing.  I’m flexible, and I know how to have fun with things while still being professional.

Thanks for making it through this wall of text, and if you’re still here and interested, I look forward to hearing from you.

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