Polar Night (Short Story)

Dear James, I’m sure that this letter comes as something of a surprise.  We haven’t spoken in, what, three years?  Maybe four?  It’s been quite a while, and we didn’t exactly part on the best terms. That’s a gross understatement, obviously.  We both made fools out of ourselves that day.  Our shouting match just wentContinue reading “Polar Night (Short Story)”

The Devil’s Tone (Short Story)

March 17, 2021 MEMORANDUM FOR SENIOR PENTAGON LEADERSHIP, DEFENSE AGENCY AND DOD HEAD OF FIELD ACTIVITIES Subject: Project Fourier Field Tests, Williams, Arizona This memorandum serves as documentation of field tests of Project Fourier that have taken place over the past twenty-eight days in Williams, Arizona. Project Fourier was created to test the effects ofContinue reading “The Devil’s Tone (Short Story)”

The Commitment of Charles Mayweather (Short Story)

As was usually the case during the winter, the rooms and hallways were absolutely freezing.  Kathy Turner retrieved a sweater from the small closet in her office and quickly put it on.  Making sure that her hair was still at least somewhat pulled back, she put on her lab coat and stuck her hands intoContinue reading “The Commitment of Charles Mayweather (Short Story)”

Where the Light Fades Away (Short Story)

Taking a deep breath in a futile effort to calm her nerves, Hayley Ferris carefully maneuvered her car into the only open parking space and turned off the engine. It had been a hectic morning. Not thinking that she had anything pressing going on that day, she had turned off her usual morning alarm soContinue reading “Where the Light Fades Away (Short Story)”

Mr. Gangly Walks the Halls (Short Story)

Originally posted on CreepyPasta.com at https://www.creepypasta.com/mr-gangly-walks-the-halls/ Dearest Margaret, I hope that this letter finds you well.  I’ve missed you greatly during the entire time away from you, but these past weeks have been especially difficult.  While we were busy pushing from Normandy it was easier to keep my mind occupied on other things.  Now thatContinue reading “Mr. Gangly Walks the Halls (Short Story)”