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October Days of Fear Celebration is Here!

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas can keep its carols. Thanksgiving can go stuff a turkey. Easter? Just hop on out of here.

This is Halloween season, where things that go bump in the night step out to show themselves to the world. It’s that special time of year where new slasher movies are released on streaming services every fifteen minutes, and when a young man’s fancy turns to the Saw franchise. Pumpkins with scary faces carved into them and fire burning inside are put out where even the smallest of children can reach them. Children demand candy with the threat of doing a horrible deed if that demand is not fulfilled.

It’s the best month of the year, and no one can tell me otherwise. You can try, but I’ll just stick my fingers in my ears and say “LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” repeatedly.

There’s a lot on tap for this month on the site, including daily (yes, DAILY) new content! Let’s take a look.

A new microhorror story every single day of the month at 9am EST, starting October 1

An entire novel, Blackwood: Family Business, which will be released every weekday. This starts on October 3, and there will be two new chapters each weekday at 12pm EST. This concludes on Halloween, where the remaining chapters will be published.

Multiple new short stories released throughout the month. These will be released at random times and on random days, just to keep you on your toes.

Not to mention some truly micro microhorrors on Twitter, new narrations and videos of my stories by a variety of content creators, and a number of surprises as well!

Be sure to subscribe to the site, follow on Twitter and Facebook, and check back daily to be a part of the fun!

I Really Don’t Know What to Say

The title pretty much says it all.

This morning, I received an email from a friend of mine with a picture attached to it. Here’s that picture.

My three most recent stories, Nighty Night, The Suicide Engineer, and Room for Two are currently the three highest rated stories with over 100 reviews in the history of CreepyPasta.com.

This was something of a shock, as I don’t pay attention to ratings. Like a lot of writers, I just assume that everything I write is terrible and is being judged as such. Finding out that people really are enjoying the stories warms the cockles of my heart and has absolutely made my day.

Do I expect this to last? Nah, not really. I’m a pessimist like that. All good things and whatnot. Still, I don’t know if this is something that anyone else has ever accomplished, so even if it’s short-lived it’s something that I consider to be pretty darn cool.

To everyone that has read and rated my stories, I greatly appreciate it and can’t thank you enough for your support. It means the world to me. There was a while there where no matter how much I grinded away at writing it didn’t seem to matter. I didn’t feel like my writing was progressing, and it really seemed like it would never be noticed by more than a handful of people. I got so discouraged that I completely stopped for a number of years.

This last year everything has changed. I’m now a professional writer, which is all that I’ve ever wanted to be, and people are seeking me out instead of the other way around. That just blows my mind.

I know exactly who to thank for that, and it’s you, the readers. All that I’ve ever wanted to be is a storyteller and all I’ve ever wanted to do is entertain people. Thank you so much for allowing me to become that person.