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Out of Sight

The man-like creature in the suit walks slowly, the cane that it clenches in one hand tapping on the hard floor as it moves.  Where its face should be is smooth and featureless skin.  It uses the tip of the cane to assist it in moving around the room without walking into the furniture.

In its other hand is a curved hook that drips blood onto the carpet.

Every few steps the creature pauses to listen intently.  It can’t see, but its hearing is acute.

Behind a chair, the boy clamps his hands over his mouth, trying to stay silent.

The Pianist

The pianist carefully reads through the sheet music that she has composed, making sure that every note and every rest is exactly where it needs to be.  She has worked on the piece for over a year, and now that she had come to the end, she needed to know that it was perfect.  When she reached the end she smiled.  After all this time, she had finally done it.

Retrieving a nail file from her bag, she begins to carve each note into the skin of her arm.  She will be the living music that calls forth the end.

Full Service

The hotel manager looks up as the doors to the elevator open.  A disheveled man, dressed in a white robe covered with dark red stains, stumbles out through the doors and hurries over to the front desk.  His eyes are wild, and he appears to be in great distress.

“Oh God, I need help,” the man stammers.  “I…  I think I killed her.  Oh shit.  Oh shit.”

“Don’t worry, sir,” the manager assures him.  “We would be happy to… assist with your situation.  We are, after all, a full service hotel.”

Phone Call

The teenage girl’s eyes went wide as she slowly lowered the phone.  It took her a moment to process what the police officer on the other end of the line had just told her.  The threatening calls that she had been receiving all evening were coming from inside the house.

There’s a loud noise from upstairs.  She turns her gaze up towards the ceiling as she hangs up the phone.  She smiles, revealing half a dozen rows of pointed teeth.

She can’t believe her luck.  She had thought that she was going to have to go out for dinner tonight.

Work Break

The watch on the woman’s wrist beeped as the alarm went off.  It was finally time.  Pushing her chair out from her desk, she grabbed her purse and left the office.

She went into the bathroom at the end of the hall, nodding politely as she passed a coworker.  She locked the door and set her purse down on the counter.  Opening it, she took out a small crystal vial.  She popped out the cork and drank the thick red liquid.

She hated the taste of cold blood, but it would have to do until she got off of work.

Family Dinner

The family sits around the dinner table, waiting in anticipation as Father carves the feast.  Thanksgiving is the most anticipated meal of the year.  That’s when Mother goes all out with her cooking and makes a masterpiece.

“You really outdid yourself this year, Mother,” Daughter says, holding out her plate to Father.

“Thank you, dear,” Mother replies happily.  “I can’t take all the credit.  Father caught the dinner on a hunting trip.”

“Where did you catch it?” Son asks Father curiously.

“Getting into his car at the market,” Father answers.  “Who wants thigh meat?”

Beneath the Skin

The man looks on as the woman smiles a sinister smile.  She reaches up and grabs her chin before pulling downward.  The skin slides easily off of her face, revealing leathery green flesh beneath.  The creature’s mouth is filled with long barbed teeth, and a forked tongue runs along the points hungrily.  She blinks her eyes, and the lids open to reveal red and black orbs that stare directly at and into him.

He laughs and shakes his head in disbelief.

“You too, huh?” he says, pulling the mask from his own face.

Like, Share, and Subscribe

It had taken a while to set up, but the man was ready to begin.

He checked to make sure that the camera on the tripod was positioned correctly.  He then went over to his laptop and notified his followers that the live stream would begin shortly.  Over the past few weeks his number of viewers had steadily declined, but this was guaranteed to get him over a million views.  He would give them something that they had never seen before and become internet famous.

Taking a deep breath, he wrapped the noose around his neck and pressed Start.

Little Pricks

The woman stares into the bathtub full of needles.

She can already feel her throat beginning to close.  In less than half a minute she’ll be unable to breathe.  Tears streaming from her eyes, she sticks her arm down into the needles.  She gasps at the pain of countless needles puncturing her skin.

Her fingers wrap around a large syringe, and she pulls her bleeding arm out of the needles.  She quickly injects the epinephrine into her upper leg, and the tightness in her chest releases.

“Did you like my game?” her son asks innocently from behind her.

Flip of the Coin

The man shivers as the chill wind blows down the wet alley.

If the goat-headed demon standing in front of him doesn’t seem to feel the cold.  It holds up the large gold coin and slowly shows him first the front of it, then the back.  When he nods, it flips the coin up into the air and steps back to allow it to land on the ground.  There’s a loud clang as the metal strikes the concrete.  They both look down.

“Heads,” the demon declares.  “You live another week.”

It disappears, and the man goes back inside.