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The Fun Starts on October 1!

Only three more days until October, which means only three more days until content starts to flow like wine here on the site.

I feel like I’ve been uploading stories, microhorror stories, and novel chapters day and night for the past week. For those who may not have seen the original post about this, here’s what’s coming in October:

A new microhorror story every single day of the month at 9am EST, starting October 1

An entire novel, Blackwood: Family Business, which will be released every weekday. This starts on October 3, and there will be two new chapters each weekday at 12pm EST. This concludes on Halloween, where the remaining chapters will be published.

Multiple new short stories released throughout the month. These will be released at random times and on random days, just to keep you on your toes.

I decided to kick things off a bit early with the release of Hogs, which can be found here.

Enough of the shilling, and onto the question!

If there’s someone out there that’s good at using either NightCafe or DreamStudio to create AI artwork, I’d greatly appreciate some tips for how to evolve images once they’ve been created. I’m the first to admit that this isn’t my particular forte, and I’ve been having problems with finetuning pictures by changing specific parts of them. A quick and dirty tutorial of how to change particular parts of an image on AI art generators while leaving other parts alone would be great, assuming that the ability to do so even exists.